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SOS GPS sport App game download IP68 smart watches 2.15 inch big screen sleep heart rate monitor w29 pro

SOS GPS sport App game download IP68 smart watches 2.15 inch big screen sleep heart rate monitor w29 pro

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Product Description
Main Function
500+ dials for free download, wireless charging, Bluetooth calls, IP68 waterproof, compass, voice assistant, NFC access control,
independent ringtones, independent clock, long bright screen, bedside lamp, female physiology, body temperature, heart rate, ECG,
blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep, meter Steps, Bluetooth camera, Bluetooth music, friends, payment code, computer, contacts,
weather, stopwatch, timing, alarm clock, password lock, flashlight, massage.RTL8762C+AC6963A
The new Micro OS 10 operating system, new widgets, waterfall flow menu, left and right sliding zoom in and out special effects,
scrolling up and down list zoom in and out special effects. One-key connection, local music playback (can be connected to
bluetooth headphones to play), e-books, recording, main menu base map push, music player interface base map push, offline WeChat
payment, somatosensory games, GPS sports, game downloads, background management, APP change Skin function, APP motion trajectory
video, healthy family sharing and positioning health information, SOS emergency alarm, photo album, video custom dial push
Watch size
Sleep monitor
Record and analyze your sleep status objectively and scientifically, and it will be automatically turned on every night from 10
o'clock to 8 o'clock the next day
BT Version
BT5.1and BT3.0
Watch support languages
English (default), Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Russian,
Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew
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