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Thigh Massager Leg Compression Massager Calf Massager Massage Heat Hot Compreses Infrared Thermal Therapy Device Physiotherapy

Thigh Massager Leg Compression Massager Calf Massager Massage Heat Hot Compreses Infrared Thermal Therapy Device Physiotherapy

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Brand Name: SALORIE

Certification: CE

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Composite Material

Application: LeG

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Size: Medium

Model Number: leg massager

Name 1: Calf massager

Name 2: Legs pressotherapy

Name 3: legs massage

Name 4: legs massager

Name 5: leg compression massager

Name 6: legs massager for circulation

Name 7: leg massager with air compression

Name 8: leg press

Name 9: Leg massage

Name 10: blood circulation legs massage

Name 11: leg trainer

Name 12: leg massage machine

Name 13: Calf massage

Name 14: massager legs

Name 15: leg massage device

Name 16: lymphatic drainage legs massage

Name 17: massage device for legs

Name 18: leg calf massage

Name 19: ems leg reshaping massager

Name 20: lymphatic massage of the legs

Name 21: foot massager and legs

Name 22: heated leg massager

Name 23: calf massager vibration

Name 24: infrared heating

Name 25: infrared physiotherapy

Name 26: calf massager vibration

Name 27: massage electric legs

Name 28: Leg massage tool

Name 29: massage device for leg

Name 30: thigh massage

Name 31: thigh massager

Name 32: massage device legs

Name 33: leg massager blood circulation

Name 34: massage leg

Name 35: legs massage machine

Name 36: leg massager machine

Name 37: massager for legs

Name 38: massager legs circulation


SALORIE Air Compression Leg Massager


SALORIE Leg Massager:

Wireless and easy to carry;
Air pressure massage;
Infrared hot compress;
Temperature adjustment;
Intensity adjustment;
360 degree package.

Intelligent control:

The host and the airbag are integrally formed.

3 massage modes:(Soothing the legs, Knead to relax, Lift massage);
Two-level intensity adjustment;
Two-speed temperature adjustment.

Progressive Pressure Design:

Through air pressure and mild pressure, the pressure is transmitted to the veins through muscle tissue, and the ankles are pressed against the legs to gradually reduce the pressure on the venous valves.

Before use: venous abnormalities;
After use: Venous arterial patency.

double pressure: Get rid of muscle soreness fast

longitudinal pressure
(provides an extracorporeal "muscle pump" to restore backflow)

lateral pressure
(to help the valve close)

Two-speed pressurization:

Different pressing force, suitable for people with different stress.

constant temperature hot compress:

Two temperature modes, low temperature 38 degrees, high temperature 45 degrees
To meet different needs.

Lightweight And Portable:

The product weight is only 400g.

Suitable for a variety of scenarios

workplace work;
Sitting still for a long time can cause varicose veins due to poor blood flow in the legs;
lower back pain;
Sore leg muscles from standing or walking for long periods of time;
sports recovery;
Failure to stretch in time after exercise can easily cause leg soreness and muscle thickening;

How to use?

1. Tear off the Velcro.
2. Put the massager on the leg, adjust the tightness and stick it on.
3. Press and hold the power button to power on.

Do you have leg problems?

Varicose veins in the legs;
Sports Injury;

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